Yoga and dating

Applying the philosophy of yoga, you will find a partner who shares your priorities and your views.First, commit yourself to a community of like-minded souls.It’s like training to be a ballet dancer, so you can have a career in ice hockey.While it’s always good to cultivate balance and grace, there are a whole other set of skills required for success.If you live in a big urban area, commit yourself to as many communities as you can, so long as they are focused on yogic virtues. Seek out American Friends (Society of Quakers), Unitarian Universalists, and Buddhist Meditation societies.The more people you meet, the better your chances of meeting someone you connect with. Join a supper club, find a cooking class, and bring your favorite dish to a potluck.

If you are committed to giving a certain amount of your income to charity, should it trouble your conscience to spend money on a date?Perhaps they were imaginative, or patient, or good listeners. As children, we did not have years of social conditioning and other people’s expectations crowding out our own feelings in our hearts.In our society, the longer you have been dating (without finding a partner) the louder those other voices become as we doubt our own ideals. Let yourself remember the people you liked when you were too small to consider other people’s opinions. As your yoga practice focuses your mind and your heart on real virtues, listen to your inner voice.When you see that everyone is a reflection of the creator, you must know that you are too. While we laughingly ascribe a universal list of desirable traits to be sought- Attractive and wealthy are always in the top five- consider the qualities that you are truly attracted to.Think of the adults that you knew when you were a child, and consider why you liked them.

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