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If, in a northern forest, a coyote might claim a territory as large as 62 square miles, a suburban coyote can thrive in a territory that measures a scant five square miles.It was only a matter of time before coyotes ambled, swam and leaped in to New Jersey.As open country and farmlands created wildlife corridors, the Western coyote apparently traveled north and east until it met up with its kissing cousin.If the theory proves accurate, the Eastern coyote sprang from a truly dysfunctional relationship.The company sells 100% coyote urine, a product with a smell like a punch to the head. Sprinkled around the perimeter of a garden, Leg Up's coyote urine helps gardeners protect their plants. Although wild coyotes have a life span of only four years, hunting has had little impact.

They happily feed on road kill and gut piles left by hunters, and will kill fawns and sometimes adults.They care little about property lines; the Bedminster group dragged a deer down in a field behind Black River Road, waking their human neighbors with sounds more often associated with Africa than with the garden state. Graham collects the urine from domestic, penned coyotes who ­ through a system of rewards ­ learn to pee in a certain area. They need the reminder of real live coyotes to keep associating the scent with danger." The coyote might just be here to stay.At Leg Up, Bill Graham has learned to take advantage of coyote predation. Healthy, meat-fed coyotes release pheromones that scare off deer. According to the DEP, New Jersey can potentially support a population of 5,000.They might cede part of their range ­ a yard ­ to a large dog, but small dogs run the risk of being attacked.Some coyotes in northern New Jersey have killed sheep, poultry, and the occasional pet.

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