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New creative impetus came when silversmith Harold Stabler, sculptor Phoebe Stabler and potters John and Truda Adams joined the factory and in 1921, and a new company was formed Carter, Stabler and Adams (Ltd).

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It would be my pleasure to be the first guy to enter her tight virgin arsehole and let her enjoy all the sensations of being sodomized and buggered!The Plantation is a beautiful pub in a classic colonial style offering superb food, great real ales and luxury accommodation in smart, spacious, modern en-suite guest rooms. The room we stayed in was massive and had pretty tropical interior wallpaper and furnishings. Location was walking distance to the high street and close to the beach. Minutes from brilliant views and beaches, The Plantation does not disappoint.Our pub is conveniently located close to the village of Canford Cliffs, within the Poole conservation area, and just a short drive from Bournemouth. From a warm and friendly reception on check-in, to the comfortable and spacious rooms, this place is fantastic.It stayed true (more or less) to its hand-crafted ethos, as individual designers and potters came and went The pottery Ive collected mainly dates from these three distinct periods, the mid-1920's to mid-1930's Art Deco period (Traditional), the mid-1950's (Contemporary) and the mid 1960's to early 1970's (Delphis).For me Poole Pottery during these periods was at the cutting edge of ceramic design, and as such the pots really typify the eras in which they were made.

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