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After 14 years of training in various martial arts, I was devastated to be diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.With my left side with partial paralysis, I was determined this wouldn't stop me from at least getting back in a gym and exercise.This summer I won the Ringside 2015 World Championship in the Masters Division and MK Boxing helped me achieve that - I couldn't have done it without them.Owner Mike Knox, instructor Justin Piper and fellow member Christian Berrios have sparred with me and helped me train for all of my tournaments.Mike and his establishment MK Boxing in Woburn, are both exemplar; two of the many reasons Boston is the great city it is.I had the pleasure of taking the 12 noon boxing class while visiting home for the holidays. He is honest about what needs to be done but doesn’t make my son think that he has to work out 24/7 to be able to get in the ring.As well as the excellent facilities all the Westside staff really enjoy what they do…

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I mentor a teenage boy with cognitive disabilities, and in the last 2 months have seen positive physical, emotional and mental changes in him.

The Club boasts a range of quality facilities normally only found in much larger chain Clubs A down to earth non-intimidating environment where you can feel comfortable relaxed and enjoy yourself.

Run on a treadmill, dance your way through your *favourite class, work your muscles on the gym floor then loosen tensions in the steam room and finally flop in the members lounge and enjoy a well deserved cappuccino…you know you’ve earned it!

Westside Health and Fitness Club was opened in March 1996 and is now regarded as the area’s leading Health and Fitness Club.

A privately owned single site facility ideally located in the heart of Stamford just 400 metres from the town centre with its own large FREE car park.

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