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His publications have won a variety of awards, including the NWC Foundation’s Capt. He advises a wide range of student research and theses at NWC, Harvard, and other institutions; and provides curricular guidance and inputs to NWC and other schools.In 2013, while deployed in the Pacific as a, he delivered twenty-five hours of lectures. As a core founding member, he helped to establish CMSI and to stand it up officially in 2006, and has subsequently played an integral role in its development.CMSI has inspired the creation of other research centers, to which he has provided advice and support.Please go to his website, and you’ll find insights you won’t find elsewhere! Andrew’s research and ideas were of great interest to our associated faculty.

More than half the graduates of the college’s senior international course, the Naval Command College, have subsequently become flag or general officers, and more than 190 have headed their respective services.

He subsequently helped to establish, and to escort the first iteration of, NWC’s first bilateral naval officer exchange program and field studies class in China, which he continues to support.

Erickson was a scholar escort on a five-member congressional trip to China in 2011.

has briefed a broad array of senior policy-makers and principals, including the U. Chief of Naval Operations, his Executive Panel, the Secretary of the Navy, and naval leadership throughout the Asia-Pacific; as well as the Deputy Secretary of Defense, other Executive Branch officials, and multiple Members of Congress.

He testifies periodically before such congressional bodies as the House Foreign Affairs Committee, House Armed Services Committee, and U. Erickson has provided inputs for, and reviews of, multifarious government programs, simulation exercises, and reports; including in support of the National Intelligence Council’s from Amherst College (majors: history and political science; certificate in international relations).

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