Dating the president of a fraternity

Superboy finds he is using his inventions to set the town up so he can rob their bank, and stops him.

In the last panel, Amazing Man is in jail and he tells Superboy he will regret it as sure as his name is Luthor and Superboy thinks that he will be Superman by the time he gets out and that Luthor's talents might make him an arch enemy.

The character was originally introduced as a diabolical recluse, but during the Modern Age, he was reimagined by writers as a devious, high-profile industrialist, one who has crafted his public persona in order to avoid suspicion and arrest.

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Luthor's revenge first came in the form of grandiose engineering projects in Smallville to prove his superiority over the superhero.

In gratitude Superboy builds Luthor a laboratory, where weeks later he manages to create an artificial life-form, which Luthor loved as if it were his own child.

Grateful in turn to Superboy, Luthor creates an antidote for kryptonite poisoning.

Lois Lane and Clark Kent investigate, which results in Lois being kidnapped.

Luthor battles Superman with a green ray but Luthor is ultimately defeated by him, and Lois is rescued.

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