Dating sites for ostomates

Two members of the group seemed quite interested in what I had to say, while another joined in mid-way through my explanation.

This guy asked me if I been on TV because he had remembered seeing me.

When you were talking to your surgeon about getting an ostomy, hopefully they told you you can do anything with an ostomy that you did before.

Dating and sex are included in that blanket statement.

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(badumbum) I have since shut down my experiment because I am now in a new relationship with a wonderful guy.Lo and behold, I received a message from the UO contact form a few hours later reading: I spent 5 minutes explaining to this guy and a group of his comrades that I shit in a bag (and showed it to them), yet he still managed to check out my website and fill out the contact form just to hit on me. Have I had a hard time finding a guy at all because of it? Since those years, I’ve been asked out multiple times, dated around, and actually been in relationships with a solid number of guys.(Don’t worry, I responded with a gracious reply, thanking him for checking out the website.) I often get asked if I’ve ever had a problem dating with an ostomy. Having an ostomy had never once gotten in the way of forming relationships at all.I’ve always thought online dating was silly, but I thought this was the perfect opportunity to test how my ostomy would be received online. When asked why I was on the site, I answered that I was there “for the laughs.” When asked what the first thing people notice about me was, I said “I don’t know, ask them.” I also specified that guys should only message me if they had a degree and a professional career (lol) and when I was asked what the most private thing I was willing to admit was, I said “Everything. Just Google me.” I basically put up a wall saying “hello, I’m a bitch” but used my pictures to intice them to Google me to come across the ostomy. In between the ridiculous messages from guys trying to be funny (like this guy)…So, I signed up using my real name as my username, (which is apparently frowned upon but I clearly didn’t care…), filled out my profile in a quick haste, and threw up some pictures. …or antagonistic to win over my attention, (like this guy)…

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    Through our extensive profiles, members can learn about each other before meeting in person.

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