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You can more easily see what is valuable about your partner's viewpoint, appreciate what they are bringing to the table, and start speaking to each other in one another's motivational language.

The very best partnerships strike a balance between promotion and prevention, since both are necessary for living a healthy, satisfying life.

You can easily guess which one of us is promotion-minded, and which one is all about prevention." I don't believe you consider yourself as a risk-taker/explorer at the edge of your real or perceived capabilities -- where people believe it is actually worth taking risks.

You are just as much an explorer/risk-taker, only in a different sphere of activity, where you are congenial to the consensus opinion that it shouldn't be openly validated as such.

He wanted to give them opportunities to climb and explore, while I wanted to wrap them in bubble wrap from head to toe and make them wear helmets on the staircase.

You can easily guess which one of us is promotion-minded, and which one is all about prevention.) Once you realize that you and your partner simply approach your goals differently, the good news is that you can stop fighting over who is right.

Walk into your date open to learning something new; that way, even if you don’t feel fluttery love butterflies you can walk away knowing more about life, yourself, or a hobby you previously knew nothing about.

Promotion-minded people are usually in any situation helps them to more comfortably embrace risk, and they are motivated by confidence and praise.

That’s because the way you view your dating life can actually affect the neural activity and even the structure of your emotional brain — which changes everything from your body language to how you perceive people (and how they perceive you, too). Say it out loud if you’re the type (“This day is gonna rock!

By thinking optimistically about your love life, you can change your dating experience entirely. ”) or be more subtle: Take a deep breath and smile for 10 seconds as you climb into your car in the morning.

It can be very frustrating when two people who love each other find that they don't speak the same motivational language.

I have met many, many married couples who are fortunate enough to share common goals, but don't necessarily those goals in the same way.

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