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I researched cuckhold on the net extensively to get a better understanding of what I was dealing with in the hope that it would shed some light on the situation I was stuck in - I went so far as to join chat forums for women whose relationships had also been affected/damaged by cuckhold.

Slowly it dawned on me that we were not compatible in the long term as ultimately I could not offer him what he desired.

Also, I figured that if I continued to drive this fetish back underground, it would probably find other unhealthy ways of festering itself and true to form, this is exactly what happened - he ended up recruiting a married woman to entertain these sick and sworded acts behind my back whilst I was none the wiser.

This woman was emotionally vulnerable at the time and he ended up pushing her over the edge - she ended up in a psychological ward with a shattered husband and two young children - essentially a broken home.

A year ago I broke up with a man who had a deep rooted fantasy to cuckhold - a fetish completely foreign to me prior to meeting him.

When I met him almost four years ago, he seemed like the perfect man - he was charming, considerate, intelligent and a well respected businessman. However, I was warned upfront on numerous occasions by his ex that he had some "unhealthy" fetishes which would eventually reveal themselves over time - when I confronted him about what I had learnt from his ex, he showed no courage of his convictions and was adamant that it was not so much an addiction but rather a passing curiosity which he had put firmly behind him.

Could it be he is a bit feminine on the inside, even bi and would want a mfm. There are lots of fantasies that people have and cucholding just happens to be one of them.

Your husband is not a pervert or child-molester but a cross-dresser with a certain fantasy.

A few more months went on and I became increasingly restless - I found myself overwhelmed with feelings of confusion and despair.I am going on a bit but its in my connecting the dots.I have found mfm porn on his computer and something called cuckhold where the husband has oral sex with the other man or cleans his wife orally after the other man.advertising online in specific cross-dressing dating communities; or if looking for a partner on more general online dating sites, he should make it clear in his profile that he is a cross dresser looking for a partner).The information provided does not constitute a diagnosis of your condition.

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