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It is simply not in the church’s own financial/materialistic interest to see such a single get married. So programmed have members become to this way of thinking that we have a generation of Christian men riddled with guilt and frustration at the lack of prospects and a generation of women who rate their holiness not in having a successful marriage, but in the number of mission trips they embark on.

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Is this not a sign of true holiness and proof they are putting ahead the interest of the kingdom of heaven ahead of their own interests and happiness?

The result are amateurs without a strong marital foundation and the needed experience to draw from to effectively lead the congregation.

(Even David had his lions and bears before he finally confronted Goliath.) They are novices, and true to the warnings of Scripture, they become lifted up with pride and fall under condemnation.

Marrying early, despite no biblical sources to support their premises, is strongly discouraged.

Young women are not urged to marry, but do missions, and if God means for them to have a husband, they’ll find one when the “time is right.” The idea of marriage is then put off indefinitely, with the focus instead on supporting church projects, ministries and outreaches.

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