Amsterdam dating culture

This was to contain my contact details, the name of my partner and any other information I thought they might need.Perhaps criminal records, tap dancing medals, penchant for drilling through the floor, that sort of thing ...But reluctant to give a group of strangers my actual phone number I sat back and waited.This was the perfect way to test that famous Dutch directness – the idea that Dutch people are more straight talking than the average Brit. One set of neighbours emailed me and asked for the correct number.Even if my observations remain unproven, this revelation about the North-South/English-Dutch divide over manners has been illuminating.

Most women feel like there are no good men out there to date.Caught up in their cheery optimism that we wouldn’t all end up hating each other I wrote out two identical little notes, with a nice little drawing of some flowers on the back.Once the notes were delivered I realised that I had accidentally given both of them the wrong number.The other set annotated the note and sent it back to me (below), pointing out errors with little smiley faces and insights such as “doesn’t work no can’t read this”. Having failed my first homework assignment from my new neighbours, I sat and pondered.What I realised was this: Dutch directness is to British people what Northern rudeness is to Southerners.

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